Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Mini, Maxi

Time is slipping away quicker than I can grasp with this blog, but I will persevere to give you my thoughts and actions at times. I've been working at my painting class. I was quite pleased yesterday when Hakim told me that my drawing in charcoal this week was good. I really feel like I'm getting an understanding of placement and volume like never before. This is going to help my work globally.

We began grisaille yesterday and that is another kettle of fish. I was surprised to find I was actually intimidated by the paint and canvas for the first time in a long time. Then I began painting and loved it more an more.

What I don't like are the solvents that you have to use with oils. I'll have to learn to keep that down to a minimum. I want to do this right from the beginnning so I don't get sick like so many other artists I've read about. Some of the warning you read on these things are very scary! This is the reason I stayed away from oils all these years ("ah, yes, now I remember"). Sigh...and yet it draws me back.

There is nothing like the way you can manipulate oils and the depth of field you can create. Why are the best processes the most toxic? I stayed away from batik because of the wax (also for the removal part, truth be known) and I am drawn to that too again this year. Well, I think the key here is to minimize the risk and maximize the beauty.

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