Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I've been working all week on my painting homework. Mainly, I am struggling with perspective. The main thing is doing it in charcoal. I'm so used to the precision of the pencil. But I understand the purpose of it. It is much more painterly. I think I got something, or understood it rather. My head feels a bit upside down though. Kind of like going from patting your tummy and rubbing your head to rubbing your tummy and patting your head. Or rollerskating and iceskating. Painting is not the same as drawing and it's been so long I forgot the feeling! I'm loving it though, the challenge and mind puzzle of it. This feels like the right road for me now.

In fact, it's giving me lots of ideas about my textiles so I know there is a marriage in there somewhere. Still, I'd like to get this new batik series finished. I originally thought it would be twelve pieces, but now I'm thinking five, or even three. I love the batik too and the different problems it presents. Actually it is not far from painting and I can see where the paintng skills I learn can be used in it. Right now though the images I'm using are rather flat so I've been avoiding it while I've been training my mind this week to see in three dimensions.

I'm learning so much these days, painting, Dutch, yoga...I feel as if I'm morphing into something else, a newer me. For this morning though I am still a sleepy me so Iwill sign off for now. As for the photos promised, that will have to be next week. Morphing has taken a lot of time and that particular element in the new me has been put off till next week, but they shall come. If you blog it, it will come...

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