Sunday, March 19, 2006

Later and later

It's late and I should be going to bed, but I'm feeling so guilty about not writing in here for almost a month!! I did take some pictures, so now I have to figure out the download. Again, actually because my husband showed me and I took notes and then the notes disappeared! I might just try this on my own...

Let's see...where to start? Where did I leave off? Painting class. It is fantastic and I am on a huge learning curve. With my teacher and a little help from WetCanvas!, I have been sopping up information. I learned that you can make a linseed turpentine mix to cut down on the turpentine. I learned to scrub in the paint and not use so much turpentine. I was really overdoing it. I learned how to make a grisaille after doing it once in class and twice at home. I was on a bit of a slower learning curve with catching on about tone/value. I know about it and can teach it but doing it myself, another kettle of fish. How strange. First, I needed to accept that I couldn't get all the values of nature in, and second (and this is ongoing and big) I need to not get caught up in the details. I'm working very hard on painting and drawing quickly now to avoid this tendancy. I love detail! Problem is I get so involved in it I am not seeing the whole, the gestalt of the actual tableau. Retraining myself though, with a few pushes and shoves from my teacher. :0)

Drawing everyday now thanks to my teacher again and a little help from Danny Gregory. I just got his book "The Creative License". While I don't really need it for the beginning drawing it is a good book for beginning journaling which is something I've been meaning to do for some time. I think he has some good things to say about it. Plus his drawings are fun. This weekend I went back to the International Art Club for sharing a model. I drew in my studio on Friday and Saturday at the IAC. At the end of Saturday, I felt I was beginning to get something, starting to let go. It's funny how it is so hard to give myself permission to draw for the sake of the exercise and not having to come up with a finished drawing. I need to do this in my painting too. I forgot how to learn and the only way you can do that is by making mistakes. If you are afraid of mistakes, you will never learn. I hearby give myself permission to make mistakes and learn!

Ok, I'm going to go get my beauty sleep, not for my own beauty, but to create beauty tomorrow and every day!

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