Wednesday, February 08, 2006

And You Learn, and you learn, and you learn...

I'm learning so much these days that my head might explode! I'll send everyone a piece of it to see what you can do with it in your art. ;0)

Just got done with painting class and that was amazing. I'm totally looking at everything differently. He started me out working in charcoal relearning perspective and values. I've really got some bad old habits to break. This class is totally worth it and my teacher is the best! I hope I can wrap my head around all of it. This is definitely my main art priority these days.

I've been showing my work so much lately and learning tons from everyone's comments about it. I love it when people give me their opinions. It gets to easy to see my own work in a tunnel. I've learned about the framing and presentation so much. Also, today a comment from Hakim on the framing and concept really made me think. I love how he sees Realist painting as a way of thinking about so many other media. It really is a good basis to start from. In a lot of ways we are really coming from the same place, only he has gone deeper. I love it when people make me think!

Learning more about how to present my work these days too and that is a biggie. Also a major goal for me, marketing my work. I hate it but there you are, that is how the world runs. (As the child inside me cries, "I just want to play!")

So, thanks to everyone out there who is offering their two cents, it's all priceless to me!

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