Sunday, February 05, 2006


Sat all day at the gallery yesterday and we had all of three people come in. Sigh... But I was able to have a long talk with Floor about painting and other sundry. Perhaps we will take oil painting together in the fall. Check out her website by googling her name "Floor Fernhout". She does some pretty cool woodcut prints with lots of pattern.

So now I will be taking painting with Hakim Tourdiev on Wednesdays by myself! I feel completely spoiled. Yesterday just confirmed to me even more that this is the right direction for me. I should really be developing my drawing and painting skills and concentrating less on fiber. At first this was a bit sad, but I am really excited now. I didn't think I had much skill in drawing previously, but I've been drawing a lot these last three years and advanced quite a bit. I think I'm ready to commit.

Of course the fiber won't let me go so I will do what I can, just on a little less than the painting and drawing. I still have this series of Eve or woman and the garden to finish. I've barely started as I've been spending the past months figuring out batik and the image I want to develop. Now I'm there though and have two paintings at least that I'm satisfied are on their way. I'll post pictures of them sometime next week. (I hope.) After the batik series is finished I hope to use each of those images to start a whole bed quilt for each. This will involve printing on fabric and any other method I can play with. This will be my play time away from my more "serious" study of drawing and painting. All work and no play...right?

So now I am off to the studio to clean and get ready for this group of people who will come to see what I'm up to. It's headed up by an artist that my yoga teacher referred to me. Should be pretty fun, though being an bit shy, it is always a challenge to me to deal with a group of people. I usually manage and they don't know how terrified I am inside. Terrified of what I don't know, confrontation? Rejection? Anyway, I'll just have to put on my social hat and do my duty. Perhaps I will make some new friends! This is what I love and hate about being a public artist. You meet many interesting new people but at the same time you have to put yourself out there. I wonder if other artists feel this way?

My reward is to go see a performance tonite of a friend of mine who is mixing music with performance and technology and art. Should be stimulating! I'll get her full name here after I see it. Never can remember last names! Trouble enough with the first ones!

Right, I'm off to face the lions, tigers and bears, oh my!

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