Friday, February 03, 2006

Day One, Again

Good morning one and all! This is the rebirth of blogging for me and new start to let everyone know what I am doing in art, and maybe a little bit of life thrown in. I will be adding photos of my finished work and my work in process and keep you up to date with my exhibits and other artistic doings. This blog was on my list of New Year's Resolutions and, being it is now beginning February, I thought it about time to get it going! So, here are my NYR's for anyone's perusal and for my own reminder:

1) Get a blog going again (check that :0) )

2) Keep my blog updated

3) Update and keep updating my website:

4) Submit to galleries and exhibits

5) Get my work "out there" to share with everyone

6)Get used to using technology (groan...) using the computer and digital camera

Ok, I think that's enough for one year, no? Well, of course I have a longer list, but some of that is between me and, well, me. :0)

I look forward to everyone's comments and sharing ideas.

Today: On the agenda today is going to clean up my studio! I admit to being bit a a slob when left to myself. The impetus is I have two groups coming to my studio this week! One tomorrow and one on Tuesday! I had to move my drawing students from Tuesday to do it but they were very understanding. (Thanks guys!) Then, this afternoon I will be off to the Molen galerie to sit for three hours while it is open. Here's the link to their site:

And yes, they finally took off the "s" on the end of my name. Note to myself in the future: Make sure to EMPASIZE from the beginning that there is no "s" on my last name! I won't get into that rant though.

Thanks to everyone on the Quiltart list for your advice about what to do about the "s" and about how to conduct myself at the opening. Of course, the opening was one big blur for me. I felt like sugar taffy. I must remember faces and names under pressure. The same affect with names happens to me as with numbers when I am put on the spot, complete blank. Not so nice for all those nice friends who came to support me. If I seemed poor on introductions, just know I have this temporary amnesia. If you really want to be nice, just say, "Hi Kim, I'm (your name), we've known eachother for years, remember?" :0) Hopefully, I'll wake up then.

Also, in the future I have to be clearer about how I want my work hung. I was way to relaxed about that and now of course I'm seeing all the ways I should have done it. Sigh...

Also, I really need to reframe those Women in Transformation. I haven't been happy with the frame since I had to give up my first handmade frames when we moved to Holland. Just got a bit of an idea this morning though. Right now, they're in a turquoise blue from nailed around a lavendar canvas. Thanks to Christine for pointing out that they were hanging too loosely and others just for telling me the frames did not "work" with the pieces. I didn't even relize the difference between my first storybox pieces and these till someone pointed it out. The first ones, I didn't put any border on the textile painting and on the second I sewed a border. It works a lot better without a border in the frame. So, nowI'm playing with the idea of another decorative border around that border like in old illustrated books and then I have to think about different framing. It means more work... after already over three hundred hours in each piece, but in the end it must look right! No sense in going halfway down that path!

Ok, I'm off for the start of my busy day, starting with my ritual walk with the doggie, Leon, my muse, my pal, my pot of glue...


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