Saturday, December 11, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Some time ago, over four years ago now, actually, I was working on a series of batik paintings based on the story of Sleeping Beauty. The images I made came from figure studies I had done. I love that story, how she is enveloped in sleep and the roses and thorns grow up around her. They are supposed to be hiding her from her salvation but I wonder if somehow they aren't meant as protection as well. Anyway, wasn't she lucky? She didn't have to go through the whole dating game, she just had lovely dreams waiting for Prince Charming to come and save her. It seems to me she had it pretty easy! But I digress...

So, I've been going through my textile "stash" as I've finally decided that that period is over and I found a piece that I worked on quite bit but still with some wax on it. It took some boiling to get most of the wax off and I still have some work to do. I think I had in mind to do one more layer, but hey, bygones. It's done for what it is, unless I decide to do some embroidery on it. I think I'll turn it into one big pillow. She has two sisters which I'll eventually get around to showing you. The original drawing hangs on the wall of a collector. If I find a photo of it, I'll post it too.

Here's to past endeavors and new discoveries. Perhaps there's more sleeping beauty to discover and, no doubt, more thorns to endure.


OdetteO said...

How wonderful! I didn't realize you do batik.

Did you ever see the Trina Schart Hyman illustrations for Sleeping Beauty? I've been haunted by this one for years:

All the young men who tried before the prince to reach Beauty, only to be trapped by & sacrificed to the thorns.
I used to get that story confused with Rapunzel & think that the prince in Beauty had his eyes pierced by thorns & was blinded until the princess' tears restored his sight. The risk of reaching for beauty - the punishment & reward of it.

kim said...

DID, batik. I haven't for a few years. Sometimes I miss it. For a while I thought I'd go back to it, but now that I'm in the world of oil painting I've realized that everything I need is there for me. Nice link, but I could only see part of it on my screen. I"ll try again and see if I can get something better. Who is the artist?
I can see where you might get the two tales mixed up. They both have such great imagery!
"The risk of reaching for beauty - the punishment and reward of it." Great reflection.

OdetteO said...

The more I look at your photo, the more I realize how extraordinary the details on it are - I don't think I've ever seen such a complex batik! It's really beautiful.
I hope you will post more photos of your work - oils, batik, anything.

Here's a link to the blog with the Trina Schart Hyman illustration for Sleeping Beauty came from:
There really ought to be a Trina Schart Hyman illustration website, but she never seems to have made it onto the internet in any substantial way. I was appalled recently to heard that her books are starting to go out of print.
She wrote & illustrated a beautiful book called "Self-Portrait: Trina Schart Hyman" which I think you would like - an illustrated childrens' book autobiography of her life as an artist.