Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Morning Song

It's been raining non-stop here. Summer storms mixed with constant rain, and just a peek of sun at times. Nonetheless, at 4 am, with the first light you hear the blackbird joyfully singing away. No complaining about spending the night out in the cold and wet, but a "here comes the new day" cheerfulness. One could learn a lot from the blackbird.

Here's what I wonder, why don't they pick more cheerful art in hospitals? Maybe it's the lighting, I'm sure that has something to do with it, and the overall decor. Ok, I know, it's a Hospital, but, couldn't there be some sort of community group who pushes for funds to make it a happy place to be? But then, you'd have to define happy and please everyone's tastes... I guess it's too hard. There is artwork in the local hospital here, most of blending in with the walls. While you wait, you have magazines to flip through or you can stare at the walls. Suddenly you notice, hey there's something on the walls. Oh yeah, art. And it would be nice to have a sort of explanation. Who's art, maybe educate people as to the kind of art. Or are people just mostly took sick or wrapped up in themselves to enjoy it? Well, maybe I'll see what the exhibit schedule is there and see if I can arrange something sometime. I know that in DC there's a great program with art at the Children's Hospital. My dear friend, Ron Paul, was working there when he passed on. Of course, there's the monetary angle, who's going to administer such a thing, etc. Deserves looking into.

That's the thing, trying to combine all my ideas and get my work done too. I'd like somehow to marry this idea of community and art with my own personal painting goals. Might not be this year though, as I've still much to learn and produce! In the meantime, I'm rolling this thought around in my brain, art as healing, art as a medium for health in society.

Here's a a really great site I just found that has some of the same thoughts:

and here's another one I keep having the intention to do something with:

and, while I'm at it, I don't want to forget someone who is outstanding in her efforts of combining art and community:

So it's out there, opportunity to get involved, heal, help with art! It does take time and it does take effort. I'm the first to say I'm guilty of not taking either one. But it's on my back burner and I hope I can get it to the front soon! It's all in tune with a philosophy of community and helping each other and we all have something to give. Even if it's just a simple song at first light.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim, Caught your note and it is good to eavesdrop on your thought processes. Since I know very little about the process of painting, your blog is an education. Your uncle and I will be in Europe late March, early April 2008. We will see you and Stan for sure. We have no real details yet. Perhaps, Savoy?
Aunt Donna

kim said...

Sorry, everyone, just edited my earlier post, that was "Why don't they put more cheerful art in HOSPITALS. Maybe I should take up drinking coffee in the mornings. LOL

Virginia Spiegel said...

Hi, Kim - Thank you for mentioning Fiberart For A Cause. Yes, $130,000 raised in two years by generous fiber artists and patrons AND we are still going strong with an e-book coming out in the Fall and an Invitational Reverse Auction of fabulous fiber art in Spring 2008. Of course, all the money goes to the American Cancer Society.

I appreciate your generosity in sharing your drawings. They are wonderful.

Take care,

kim said...

I'm enjoying sharing with you, Aunt Donna and Virginia. I'll add more soon about the process of working with the grisaille technique, which is also fascinating for me.

Virginia, wow, that's a huge accomplishment! Looking forward to the e-book in the Fall. I hope that people go check out your site to see your work and that of others that is so colorful and inspiring. Best of luck, Kim